A Bit About Us

Ever wonder who would call a company Flip Sharkz? Well this is an interesting story. My name is Ed Zulyevic, an experienced Oregon investor/landlord and real estate wholesaler since 1995. I joined our local REIA group in Eugene, Oregon in 2018. Shortly afterwards I met Dan Gandee, a real estate technology executive and marketing genius that had recently relocated from the Silicon Valley. We soon met for lunch to network, and immediately discovered our investing beliefs and goals were in alignment. We also recognized that together we could start something greater for the real estate industry that harnessed our combined 34 years of investing experience, real estate marketing strategy, and technical know-how.  We began the process by starting our own mastermind group, brainstorming new revolutionary startup ideas to help buyers find the homes they need with limited resources or credit, while providing investors alternative solutions to their typical exit strategies. In order to make this happen, we both knew we needed to be prepared to navigate every wave imaginable in the market, and be the SHARKS of the real estate industry.

So how did we come up with the name Flip Sharkz? It started with a conversation about how sharks are incredibly smart and are opportunistic by nature. These fascinating fish can sense the smallest vibration or distress, and are willing to travel great distances to find their next meal. We figured as investors we should follow suit, offering cutting-edge business solutions and not focus on just any single strategy or “food”.  After all, the world of investing in real estate is constantly evolving and you must keep up with its rapid pace to be continually successful.

The Flip Sharkz arrived at ONE GOAL: We offer alternative secure strategies to solve the most common problems within the real estate investment sector.

In accomplishing this one goal, we created two proprietary alternative solutions that most have never even heard of… The Early Exit Opportunity and The Emergency Exit Strategy. We work closely with rehabbers throughout the west coast to alleviate the stress that goes along with rehabbing a property. For more info see our Sharkz Systems page and see how to apply!

Ever wondered who that company is that snaps up the best deals and the highest discounts on properties in the area before anyone else ever even hears about them? Well, that’s us.  And we help investors like you put cash in your pocket by passing along the areas best deals on great properties so you can profit from them and put cash in your pocket.