The Ultimate Owner Carry Report

⚠️ SPECIAL REPORT ⚠️ How To Sell Every Rental Property You Have In Less Than 30 Days For 13% More Than Current Market Value! You will learn What Real Estate Agents & Brokers Don’t Want You To Know. This is “THE ULTIMATE Flip Sharkz Landlord and Investor Report!” First, I want to share a little … Continued

Partnering With A Top Eugene Investor To Help Liquidate Your Assets

Being in the real estate investment business involves more than knowing when, where, and how to buy investment properties that will yield a good ROI. Another important part of it is having a good exit strategy, that is, knowing when and how to liquidate your assets in Eugene. Personal circumstances, business strategies, and market conditions … Continued

5 Things To Know About Probate and Your Eugene Real Estate

Have you recently inherited a house in Eugene? The process can seem overwhelming and confusing, especially if you aren’t prepared. In this post, we offer 5 things you need to know about probate and the Eugene real estate you have inherited.  Going through the probate process typically means that you have lost someone you love. … Continued

How To Sell Your House Without Any Waiting in Eugene

At Flip Sharkz we specialize in helping homeowners discover the different methods that can be used to sell a house in Eugene. In this post, we will help you learn more about how to sell your house without any waiting in Eugene! Do you need to sell your house right away? What many homeowners don’t … Continued

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Downsizing Your Home in Eugene

Are you ready to start downsizing your home in Eugene? At Flip Sharkz, we know all about it! Take a look at a few of our tips below and reach out to us if you would like an offer for your house as-is! We’re buying properties in the area and will purchase outright no matter … Continued

Best Ways To Sell An Apartment Building In The Canton Ohio Area

Canton Ohio Apartment buildings present some unique challenges when it comes to selling. It involves a different process than selling a house does, and that means certain steps become more important. In fact, it can be a very intimidating and overwhelming undertaking for those with little experience in this area. Here, then, are a few of the … Continued

4 Hidden Expenses Of Owning The Wrong House In Eugene

Purchasing a house is a huge commitment. There are a lot of factors that go into the process of finding a new one. You’ve selected a house in Eugene with the must-haves and might have made some compromises, but how do you know you’ve made the right choice? When you pull into your driveway, do … Continued

Tax Tips for Homeowners in Eugene

Buying a home is, of course, a huge purchase. The great thing about it, though, is that owning a home is (most of the time) a good investment. In addition to the fact that buying a home makes you money in the long run, it also provides you with certain tax benefits. If you want … Continued

6 Reasons Why You Should Downsize Your House in Eugene

You often hear of downsizing when the kids move out of the house and mom and dad find a smaller house with fewer rooms. Maybe you could benefit from downsizing? Here are 5 reasons why you should downsize your house in Eugene. Pay Off Debts If you downsize your house in Eugene, you could pay … Continued