Are You Getting Freaked Out By The iBuyers In The Real Estate Market Yet?

Are you getting freaked out by these giant iBuyers in the real estate market yet?

Giant tech and real estate companies are moving into the market. They want to own it. It’s a major shift every investor and business in the industry should be paying attention to. Here’s the good, the bad and ugly of what you need to know about ibuyers in real estate and their impact.

ibuyers in real estate and Flip Sharkz

The Who, What & How of Big iBuyers in the Real Estate Market

There are three really big players in this space, with even bigger funds behind them. We’re talking about this new breed of supersized online home home buyer who is offering sellers cash for their homes and the promise of a quick transaction.

In addition to Facebook and Amazon who still very much want to get involved and stake their claim to the US housing market, there are OfferPad, Opendoor, Zillow and now Faira who are the ibuyer real estate companies.

OfferPad recently inked a deal with Keller Williams to buy up homes. Opendoor has forged a similar partnership with Redfin. They’ve also hooked up with Lennar to promise movers one seamless transaction for trading up from their old home to a newly built one. Opendoor has raised hundreds of millions of dollars from very powerful venture capitalists. Zillow is notorious for being willing to lose billions of dollars just to buy up market share and drown out the competition.

What They are Doing Well, and Not

These ibuyers in real estate are doing great about making noise, getting in the press and raising money. If you just giant companies like these, then they may also carry a lot of credibility.

They have mountains of cash to buy homes. They have great infrastructure for turning around and wholesaling or flipping these homes for a small profit in just days. The amount of capital they have and authoritative voice on prices also gives them a lot of power to manipulate home values and the market in their favor.

Of course, with all giants, the ibuyers in real estate are pretty slow moving as well. Each focusing on expanding to a few major metro areas at a time and have very tight buying criteria.

The numbers show at least half of sellers have been rejecting their offers, so they may not have nailed this model yet. At least not at scale.

How Big iBuyers are Helping You

No small company or individual real estate investor should be wanting to take a billion dollar giant head on. It will get ugly.

However, these BIG ibuyers in real estate may be helping wholesalers and house flippers more than you realize.

  • They are making selling your house online to a wholesaler normal

  • They are leaving plenty of properties un-served

  • Their heavy 7% plus fees leave room for better offers

  • They are still essentially working as Realtors, and many sellers don’t like that

  • They could be your biggest end buyers


Here is what the BIG iBuyers can never do!

Our team focuses on building relationships with everyone we meet, if it be homeowners or investors we’re always providing an exit strategy that’s a WIN-WIN for all parties.

Our ultimate goal with every client is to reduce the burden with clarity and easy processes.

The Flip Sharkz understand that the real estate investment business is stressful so we ALWAYS implement the best SYSTEMS to reduce the HEADACHES and UNCERTAINTY.


  • Stellar Support & Response Time
  • Only Necessary Paperwork Ever (O.N.P.E)
  • Always Protect Your Privacy & Data
  • Be Open To Your Family Situations
  • Provide Help Wherever We Can
  • Point You In The Right Direction Whenever We Can’t

The Flip Sharkz are REAL PEOPLE with a REAL PASSION for REAL ESTATE!

We built this company on a mission to provide our clients the SHARKZ EDGE:

  • The Flip Sharkz Are Relentless Problem Solvers
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  • The Flip Sharkz Always Choose People Before Profits
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