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Ed: Hey everybody, it’s Ed at Flip Sharkz here, and I just wanted to do just a quick video here. I actually got off the phone yesterday with a potential client, and she had a couple of questions for me, and one of them just kind of got my thinking.

We’re in a age of credibility today. One of her questions were, or actually she had two questions to why would she want to sell to a real estate investor, and exactly what did that mean, and to credibility. Evidently she looked online like everybody can, various other real estate investors, and she kind of just got a sense of a certain feeling about investors, and credibility, right?

So I just wanted to take a few minutes and maybe address that. I think about it often, but I don’t really think too deep about it, and whatever, kind of from the seller’s eyes, right? And what does that mean, so I guess credibility, I mean, what’s the definition? Basically it’s the quality of being trusted and believed in, so how do you define that?

I mean, as far as like a person or a company like us, property buyers, investors and what we do, how do you define that, and how do you show that to someone? I mean, like I said, we’re in the age of credibility, and anybody can go on Google and research anybody, and everybody, and everything that they’ve ever done, including myself, and my team members, and my partners and the business there.

Everything’s online, jump on Facebook, you look at our personal pages, the business pages, and you can see everything, so it’s all out there. So I guess you can go to a company’s website as well and look at the who we are page, look at us, and you can see the team members there, some real estate investors hide behind a phone number that can’t be traced on the backside of a website, and you can’t see who they are, and it just kind of got me reflecting on that, and I jumped on our website and made sure that we’re all on there, and our phone numbers are real, and that you can actually get ahold of us, right?

And when I say that you can call and talk to me, you’re actually going to get me, right? Answer the phone, it’s going to be me, I can guarantee that, but credibility, like the quality of being trusted and believed in. So, getting back to that, I always kind of think of it as being transparent, and truthful in business and what we do, and how do you do that?

I keep going back to it’s who you surround yourself with, that the people on your team, the partners that you have, whether you’re directly in the company or not, who do you associate yourself with? So for us, we have a very close team to work with everyday, other businesses, and they are our credibility, right? You are who you surround yourself with.

So, for instance, we work with a great principal broker, Brad Anderson, Brad Anderson Real Estate, he’s been in the business for like 190 years, he’s an old guy. We work with another agent, Jessie Lopez, she’s a seller’s agent, she’s fantastic, and we meet these people every week, right? Almost every day.

Kevin Levy, he’s a fantastic buyer’s agent. We work with trust and probate attorneys, Joel Smith, he is over at, I think, Schultz & Associates. We have Mark Beckley on our team from Edward Jones. These are all stellar people, and pillars in our community that are trustworthy, and we’re lucky to have them as our, not only our friends, but our business associates, right?

We deal with those people every day. Bobby Baker, mortgage broker over at Umpqua, Mark Brockett Willamette Valley Bank, Jeanette Montagu over at Farmers Insurance, they’re a gateway. So these are the people that we choose to do business with, and we associate with, we work with them very closely.

Now, you kind of go back to credibility, and investors, and some of that can be kind of sketchy. Yeah, you’re right, so if you look at a website and you don’t see who these people are, they don’t have any connections, or maybe you might know who they are, and their connections are sketchy, that says a lot, right? So I just urge everybody to investigate, and do the research on who they really want to do business with.

For us at Flip Sharkz, yeah, it’s kind of a sketchy name. Sharkz, like loan sharks, but hey, you know what? It’s marketing, and it’s catchy, and at the end of the day everybody remembers, “Hey, I remember talking to those shark guys,” and they remember who we are, and how we helped, because really at the end of the day it’s all about relationships, and we want to provide value to everybody that calls us, value and resources to everybody that wants to do business with us, and we are fully transparent in that fact, right?

We just want to help other people solve a problem, answer questions, and get to the bottom of what they really need, and if it’s nothing that we can do as an investor, then we are more than happy to pass you on to our probate attorney, or our listing agent, or our principal broker, maybe you have cash dollar property and you need somewhere to put that money, great, go see Mr. Beckley and put that in Edward Jones’ account. So, those are the best resources for you to take advantage of.

Here at Flip Sharkz, we have many, many different possibilities, right? We just don’t buy a house, we don’t buy distressed properties, so we’re buying nice, new houses, houses that are only a couple of years old, sometimes they have equity, sometimes they don’t, and we use a bunch of partners to do that.

We use private money, we have our own money. Let me run this by you, like what if you had a property and you ended up selling it to us, and what if I told you that there would be a way that you could participate, and you could continue to get cashflow from that property that you don’t own anymore? It’s pretty interesting, huh? I bet you there’s no other investor that can do that.

So these are the kind of strategies, the different plans that we have in place, and business models that we work with every day, to help create value for other people, right? Something that’s beneficial, so we’re just not in the business to take, we’re here to help and give, and we offer it to all of our clients, and our free portfolio and strategy session, to evaluate where you are in the market, and where you want to be, what your goals are, and what the future holds for you.

So, whether it means selling one property, or an entire portfolio, or an apartment complex, we’re definitely here to help you out, and I just want to end with a note, just give us a call, we’re happy to set up an appointment with you, there’s no obligation, there’s no strings at all. I have a meeting here shortly with a couple that I know, that I’ve met, I actually reached out to them because she sells life insurance, and I was interested in maybe adding a supplemental policy, and she had some questions about real estate, and it ends up that she and her husband, they have a piece of land in town they were thinking of developing, and they have a rental property as well.

So, I’m just going to meet with them, no strings attached, hopefully I can provide some value to them and their family, and give them the resources that they need to help them, because what I encounter is part of the next part of the first phone call that I had that, when I started this, the lady asked, she said, “why would I sell to an investor?”

So, maybe that’s another topic, and that’s something that we can dive into later, but hey, if you have any questions, give me a call. My name is Ed at Flip Sharkz, you can call me, and my number is (541) 780-2424, you can jump on our website at www.FlipSharkz.com, and you can check out everything we have there, and all the options, and then some. We have plenty of things that we can do, so we’d love to talk to you, and love to take you out, and have a cup of coffee, and see what we can help you with. Thanks.

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