How To Buy Land Cheap In Oregon

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How to buy land cheap in Oregon, a step by step guide. Basic steps to find land for sale. How To Buy Land Cheap In Oregon – The Flip Sharkz. Speaker 1: Hey everybody, it’s Ed here at The Flip Sharkz. And today’s video blog I’m going to talk about in this post, I’m going to walk you step by step through the process of buying a cheap raw land around Oregon. How to buy land cheap in Oregon, step by step guide. So basically you know you got about four steps, they’re all pretty easy, very straight forward. They’re nothing like buying a house, and the complexities that are involved that. Basically step one, you’re going to want to figure out your land buying goals.

So people buy land for many reasons. Perhaps you’re a real estate investor, and you want to make money on your land investment. Maybe you want land that you can hold on to, which doesn’t require a lot of work. Maybe you can retire on some day. Maybe you’re just a speculative buyer and you’re looking at capitalizing on future growth. You got the outdoors people, like myself that just want a piece of empty land that you can enjoy. Recreational purposes, and have fun with your family. So before you go buy land, you need to figure these things out because your desired outcome or your return, basically your return on your investments can depend on what those goals are. Whether you want to buy it, subdivide it, develop it, sell it later. You’re probably going to want some property that’s maybe closer to the city. And some sort of pathway for growth. Basically, you know, a zip line demand. Another thing you might want to buy and hold onto the property someday for retirement. Somewhere that’s maybe close enough you can get to on a short little weekend jaunt, it’s peaceful, quiet. If you can retire there, you might want to consider the infrastructure and what might be around as you get older. And those difficulties that come around. Maybe you just want to buy land for recreational purposes. You know, then you’re going to want something that you can drive to that’s not too far away. It all depends on your personal goals. Step two, it’s pretty easy. You’re going to need to find a seller. Once you’ve figured that out, you’re going to need to figure out all those above, how far you want to be away, and what not. Different types of land opportunities. So here at The Flip Sharkz, we have raw land in our inventory from time to time. And we love to talk with you and walk you through that process how to buy land, and what those steps are. See, the bugs are just killing me. Step three, you’re just wanna close the deal. So good raw land seller will help you get everything in order so you can purchase the land. You can select your land investment and close the deal. To fill out the paperwork properly, in a very organized manner. Working with the sellers, you may have owner financing, you may have some private financing, you may have some partners in the deal. You know, partnership is a great way to spread your risk and maximize your dollar. And basically step four, it’s the easiest part of this whole process. Enjoy and benefit the greatness that comes with the land. So the deal will probably close pretty fast, and now you can just sit and you can enjoy it. Enjoy that investment. Start deploying your land investment plan. Perhaps subdividing it, you know, maybe building a house on it for retirement later. Or just relax, enjoy the quiet, peaceful, fresh air, and the bugs. So basically if you’re wondering how to buy land cheap in Oregon, basically follow these four steps. And we’d love to connect with you, and help you out in any way we possibly can. So you can visit our website at And you can give us a call at 503 607 8107. And you can like us on our Facebook page, on YouTube channel. And if you have any questions or comments, you can kind of go down below, and tell me what you like. Tell me what you don’t like. And we can create some videos that are beneficial to you as land buyers and land sellers. It’s a great way to fill a void with sellers and buyers. That’s what I’m here for. Create the relationship between you two. So once again, this is Ed at The Flip Sharkz. Talk to you later.

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