SHARKZ SCHOOL | How To Do An Expert Pre Purchase Inspection (Part 2) – (541) 780-2424

SHARKZ SCHOOL | (Part 2) How To Do An Expert Pre Purchase Inspection - (541) 780-2424
Video Transcription

Pre Purchase Inspection

Hey everyone. Ed again here at Flip Sharks. This is Part Two of How to do an Expert pre-Purchase inspection. Now, if you remember Part One, we walked around the perimeter of the house, and one major area of concern was underneath the deck. Now if you remember, we had a lot of moisture issues because of deck flashing, or whatnot. And you can see the siding here, we’ve got giant gaps, and we have dry rots that’s right now, it’s just pretty horrible.

So what I wanted to do on this video is go underneath the crawl space, since it’s actually quite convenient. We have a big crawl space underneath the house. Probably four, some areas, about five feet. But I wanted to show you the back side, or the underneath the house from where that dry rot was, and all that moisture damage.

So jump in here. And a couple of things I wanted to point out along the way, since we’re here, and there actually happens to be lots of room. And we have copper pipes. And we are in the High Sierras in California. And surprising, these are not wrapped, and this is an unconditioned space under the house. Look for freeze damage if the water is off during your inspection.

So always kind of interesting. Things you just want to take a look at. And again this is by no means a replacement for doing a real pre-purchase inspection on a property before you buy it. But just some things to keep in mind that you might want to consider.

So we have insulation. It’s in actually really good shape. Surprising. You want to look for animal damage or nesting above the insulation. There’s lots of room down here. But I just want to get over to where we saw this moisture damage. Let me turn around here and you can see this plywood here, this is called OSB. This is structural sheathing. It provides structural integrity, shear strength for the house. But here’s the area that was really damaged, you saw from the first video. You can see the OSB is really discolored, obviously damaged with moisture.

Some of the things that I look for when I try and clue in on these areas. You go way on down here to the bottom where the studs meet the mud sill or at the bottom plate. The mud sill is pressure treated, and you rarely ever find any damage with that if its been built since the 60’s. But it’s a good place for moisture to collect and hone in on your inspection.

If we can get down in there, you can see that sheathing is completely rotted. I can literally push my finger through that sheathing. And that is structural, you guys. Here’s another section here. You can see, if I can get the light just right. Pretty tricky. I need an assistant. Though, here’s a … This is pretty much rotted away. Poke my finger right through to the outside there.

Just keep in mind this is structural. And this is going to take a lot of labor hours to fix this, because we’re going to have to take all the siding off. We’re going to have to remove the wall sheathing, replace the wall sheathing. Fortunately, I haven’t found any studs that need replaced, so that’s a good sign there. Either way I estimate between the rated and damaged siding on the entire house and replacing the sheathing on the south wall were probably looking at a sizable expense.

Another area of concern that we can look at while we are under the house is to concentrate your time on areas where we know water damage is to occur. And thoes areas are like I said previously are besides the mud sill is around toilets, sinks and tubs/showers. Go pull down the insulation around the ABS sewer drain and look at the wood beneath the water fixtures. The point here is to concentrate our visual efforts on areas that will likely be damaged, and these areas will eat up a considerable part of your budget [IF] you did not factor in these expenses when you purchased the property.

And again, this is just a few pointers to help you along, I hope this has been helpful for you all? Definitely get a good pre purchase inspection by a qualified inspector. Because if you didn’t, and you were to get a piece of property like this, there’s a lot of hidden damage can completely blow out your budget.

So again, this is Ed at Flip Sharks. Video Number Two. You can give us a call at 541-780-2424, or just log on to our website for some more great content at,

Thanks. And we’ll see on Video Three.

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