“How Agents Can Help Low Equity Sellers”

Has Your Listing Stalled Out And Need To Sell Quickly?

  • Is Your Listing Soon To Expire?
  • High DOM?
  • Low Equity?
  • Recently Purchased And Now Needing To Move?
  • Recently Refinanced?
  • Over Priced To Cover Marketing Costs and Commission and Fees?

When a seller has a problem, sometimes we need to get creative. What do you expect is going to happen when your listing expires? Here is how we solve the problem.

  • We Offer Up To 95% Of Fair Market Value On Homes With Less Than $5,000 Of Repairs
  • We Pay All Closing Costs
  • We Handle ALL The Paperwork
  • We Pay Listing Agent 2% Of Purchase Price
  • Zero Out Of Pocket Expense For The Seller

We offer to take over the mortgage payments until we find a buyer and still pay the listing agent. What do you have to loose?

Not all transactions fit into the agents shoebox type of deals. At Flip Sharkz, we specialize in creative problem solving and come up with an answer that solves the problem and everybody wins. Is that not the goal?

Flip Sharkz