“Why Would You Want To Suffer From Bad Renters?

Tired of tenants and all the hassles of being a landlord? Weekend calls to fix the faucet, missing rent payments and not to mention destroying your investment by cooking meth and growing pot in your house?

However, You are Wanting To Invest In Real Estate But Do Not Want To Deal With The Hassles Associated With Renters?

Well here is our strategy that we are doing for our investors today:

  • Find a property that not everyone is fighting over and not on the MLS
  • Purchase it with only 10-15% down (net)
  • Get 5-10% down from your Buyer (non-refundable)
  • Less than the normal required down payment since we’re using Buyer’s funds for part of acquisition (so your able to do more deals faster)
  • Get a back-end profit
  • Upfront “skin in the game” from Buyer
  • Buyer thinks and acts like an “owner”, not a normal renter
  • Buyer ready to move in on Day 1
  • No maintenance to deal with, Buyer takes care of it
  • More profitable than a traditional buy-and-hold and safer than a normal “flip”
  • Realtor and Loan Officer team already in place to help take care of the whole process
  • Investment is secured by real estate and not fluctuating like the market
  • Sell on a Contract for Deed to end our end Buyer

Are you able to cash flow your current rentals? Interested in how we can generate monthly net income without the problems associated with renters and having to deal with Senate Bill 608?

Our investors are cash flowing $250–$500 a month, a 12%-20% Cash on Cash return and ROI’s overall 20%-80%. Not too shabby right? Talk to you soon, Flip Sharkz