WE BELIEVE IT IS! Our Commercial Real Estate Acquisition Company Is Uniquely Positioned To Purchase Your Investment Property At A FAIR PRICE In RECORD TIME! ⏱️
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💵 Your Ready To Cash Out Years of Hard Earned Equity!

🎲 Your Gambling With Bad Property Management!

😡 Your Fed Up With City Rental Regulations!

🛠️ Your Not In A Position To Make Needed Repairs!

🆘 Your Not In The Mood To Evict Your Tenants!

WHO WE ARE: The Land Sharkz are disrupting the real estate investment space by pioneering creative exit strategies for investment property sellers, multi-family owners, and tired landlords who need to EXIT NOW! By engineering specific programs to match each and every investment type, we can provide fast all cash offers, and long term owner carry options to continue cash flow. 

As experienced landlords, we understand how fast things can go wrong and the specific problems other investors face with economic downturn, under performing properties, and poorly managed rentals. Our real estate trust is experienced and has acquired Multi-Family, Commercial, Retail, Single Family, Bare Land, REO Properties, HUD Homes, FSBO’s, and Expired Listings.

What Makes Our Process Different? The Flip Sharkz property acquisition team focuses specifically on investor exit solutions to solve problems, provide clear and concise timelines, and follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the local, state, and federal levels. Experienced and novice investors call us because…

Our biggest passion is helping home owners in our local communities by solving their biggest concerns regarding their property questions. This helps people get out of tough real estate situations and onto a pathway of recovery, debt relief, and investment sector re-entry.

What types of properties are we looking for?

What Areas Are We Looking To Buy?

What Do We Need From You To Write You An Offer?

What Options Do You Have When Selling To Us?

Are You A Tired Landlord, Just Fed Up With Crappy Tenants, Minimal Cash Flow, Constant Turnover?

The Flip Sharkz can offer you solutions to your rental property headaches by scheduling a complementary Landlord Cash Out Consultation to explore all available options on the table. During this private 60 minute call, we will explore the TOP 5 RENTAL PROPERTY STRATEGIES for landlords today! 

⚠️ Purchasing your tired rental property by paying cash

⚠️ Partnering with you as the private buyer for long term cash out

⚠️ Owner carrying the purchase and continuing long-term profitability

⚠️ Creating a value add plan of attack to maximize passive monthly income

⚠️ Building a bulletproof tax shelter game plan for ultimate annual returns

You probably never fathomed you had these options at your disposal? Fill out the form below and we’ll send you a FREE COPY of  The Silent Seller OWNER CARRY SECRET!”  

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