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As real estate investors, we have to be just as focused on building our business as we are at keeping as many of our hard-earned dollars IN your pocket that we can. I don’t have to tell you that capital feeds your needs … and just imagine what you could do with extra capital!

You might be surprised to learn that over 90%  of landlords are unhappy with their current portfolio in Oregon.

They’re understandably concerned that they may be over regulated by recent landlord restrictions, or not getting the freedom they once had, or fearful of being liable, or even worried about their own retirement.

A recent case study shows how a local Eugene landlord paid nearly $3,000 in fines, penalties and tenant relocation fees for not adhering to new landlord law Senate Bill 608.

Maybe you’ve been dissatisfied too?
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Forget the agony and frustration of trying to list with an agent only to fail because agents are not talented at marketing techniques and tactics… and finally discover the stunningly simple “blueprint” behind how the top real estate investors and landlords consistently liquidate their portfolios all over the country… WITHOUT dealing with agents, brokers!

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