Flip Sharkz are seeking to recruit, interview, and select ONE INVESTOR to help us scale our innovative real estate investment business!

The Flip Sharkz, a Oregon-based real estate investment solutions company is seeking (1) private partner to joint venture as an early stage seed investor. This partnership opportunity will help us fuel our property acquisitions, marketing systems, and growth initiatives. The chosen investor will serve as a non-managing silent partner that will benefit from the initial investment interest, monthly project cash flow, and unique tax benefits.

We are not looking for just anyone that has capital, we are looking for someone who is highly interested in the real estate investment sector. Special consideration to candidates that are currently successful entrepreneurs, attorneys, or private lenders. This isn’t a crowdfund opportunity or one project investment interest, this is a long term relationship with amazing returns.

We are requiring an initial investment between $50,000 – $250,000, which includes a permanent company equity stake percentage based upon your seed contribution level. 

Here is a little more about WHAT WE DO at the Flip Sharkz!

✅ Early Exit Opportunity (EEO) 

We provide you a fair market offer prior to you listing your rehab project for maximized risk deterrence and extreme listing/closing cost savings.

If you notice your project is over budget, behind schedule, or won’t ever finish – Let us know so we can rescue your project before it’s too late.

✅ Emergency Exit Strategy (EES) 

We provide you an immediate exit solution by purchasing your flip and closing your hard money/private money loan to stop unwanted holding costs and/or a default situation. 

Save on holding costs, closing costs, real estate agent commissions, and unwanted debt accumulation by using this Flip Sharkz solution.

✅ Partner Your Flip (PYF) 

We partner together by purchasing the rehab project as a joint venture, and Flip Sharkz takes 50% cash flow and deposit for our lease option tenant placements. 

This solution is perfect for investors who doesn’t want all of their “eggs in one basket” and seek to reduce their risk from a rehab project to buy & hold transition.

✅ Keep Your Flip (KYF) 

We provide you a pre-qualified, ready to move in lease option opportunity from our well-vetted rent-to-own database, while only charging a small fee at transfer.

This fee covers our tenant buyer qualification and screening, advertising and marketing costs, and management of transfer including our attorney vetted paperwork process.

We also participate in other investment opportunities given the right circumstances, market climate, and project profit potential.

✅ Long Term Holds – “Cash Flow, Tax Incentives, Appreciation” 

✅ Rehab Construction – “Fix & Flip Projects” 

✅ Raw Land 

✅ Joint Venture Projects 

Submit your information in our contact form and we’ll schedule a call with you at our earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you, Flip Sharkz