The Most Innovative Real Estate Investor Strategies Available

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The 7 most important tips you’ll discover include…

  1. The “Do’s and Don’t Cheat Sheet”
  2. The surprising “Cash Out Game Plan”
  3. Navigating 1031 Exchanges
  4. Short Term Rental Alternatives
  5. Finding the “Perfect Tenant” (hint…. it doesn’t exist)
  6. Seller Financing Cash Flow
  7. Deferring Your Capital Gains

And #6 Will Shock You Because Agents Never Want You To Know This Dirty Trick!

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Some words on the Survival Kit

Senate Bill 608 really restricted us and our portfolio. I had no idea how many options there were available to me. We have owned these properties for 35 years, I thought real estate never changes but the strategies do! Mark, Eugene, OR

We ended up selling on a Contract for Deed to Ed and his team while I got our tax situation organized which allowed us to handle our capital gains more effectively while still creating monthly income. Thanks for solving my problem. Henrietta, Eugene, OR

Awesome! Thanks to Dan and Ed we learned so much about alternative short term rentals. We are in a college town and needed to get some creative strategies. Sherman, Tallmadge, OH

We’ve completed 1031 exchanges before, but the timing was impossible. Dan and his team showed us that owner financing was the best fit for us for cash flow and ease of transaction. So glad we signed up for the free consultation. Sandy F,  Seattle, WA


The Ultimate S.B. 608 Survival Kit!

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