Are You Ready To Move On From Your Multi-Family Investments?  


Let me guess, you have probably owned your multi-family property for some time and you have captured great equity over the years and you’ve depreciated it to the fullest?

Whats your next step, cash out? If so then what is your plan, a 1031 exchange? If you haven’t noticed lately there is a shortage of exchanges available.

Here is the wisest alternative. Would you like to get a continuous stream of cash flow, yet still avoiding capital gains? Here is where The Flip Sharkz comes into your picture. You can fetch top dollar for the sale of your property by owner financing it to us. We will make payments to you, we will manage all aspects of the property including maintenance and you can get a nice passive income all while avoiding capital gains. This is the ultimate retirement package!

Is It Time To Sell Your Multi-Family Property?

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