Tired of the Standard Landlord Strategy? Try A Slow Flip With The Flip Sharkz

Our way is not quite “flipping” a property, nor is it a long, drawn out “buy and hold” but actually a combination of the two… we call it the “Slow Flip”. We have taken the RE sector and turned it upside down and created a real estate investing niche unlike any you have ever seen!

We CREATE Our Deals From Scratch And Profit in 3 Ways VS. The Standard Single Profit Way You Currently Do Business 

  1. Monthly Cash Flow
  2. Get a back-end profit (if market conditions allow for at time of sale)
  3. Upfront “skin in the game” from the Buyer

 Benefits to the Investor Include:

  • Never deal with Oregon’s S.B. 608 ever again!
  • Buyer is actually an “owner”, not a normal renter
  • Buyers takes care of all the maintenance
  • Less than the normal required down payment since using the Buyer’s funds for part of acquisition (so able to do more deals faster)
  • Buyer ready to move in on Day 1 and sign a contract before property is even purchased
  • Our Slow Flip can be more profitable than a traditional buy-and-hold and completely safer than a normal “flip”
  • Opportunity to help a person or family become a homeowner and give them a 2nd chance AND make money doing it
  • Realtor and Loan Officer team already in place to help take care of the whole process
  • A Slow Flip investment is secured by real estate and not fluctuating like the market

How Does This Work Compared To My Current Strategy?

Let’s Compare The “Old Way” vs. the “New Way” to be a smart real estate investor.

The Old Way….😳The Slow Flip and Understanding Lease Options

  • Find a property on the MLS
  • Purchase it with 20-25% down
  • Look for a tenant to rent it and hopefully fill it before your first payment is due
  • Get 1 months’ rent as a “security deposit”
  • Either be a regular Landlord or hire a management company for 7-10% per month
  • Battle the restrictive regulations of Senate Bill 608
  • Work with a Tenant who might be a “career renter”
  • Deal with it for 20-30 years or until you’re tired of it
  • Sell or keep forever and pass on
  • Sounds really smart because that’s “the way we’ve always done it” right?

The New Way….🤔💡

  • Find a property that not everyone is fighting over and not on the MLS.
  • We often source discounted properties from our vast network of recently rehabbed properties, adding to your equity position
  • Forget about Senate Bill 608, that problem is long gone!
  • Purchase it with only 10-15% down (net)
  • Already have your buyer ready to move in on the day you purchase it
  • Get 5-15% down from your Buyer
  • Let your Buyer fix and repair the property because they actually “own the home” and it’s part of the contract
  • Sell it for a higher price, that you already agreed on, in 1-3 years later to reinvest into a new property
  • Do more deals faster to build your passive income up even quicker with a Slow Flip
  • Tell us what your required monthly cash flow is, and we make  it happen

We actually create our Slow Flip deals, thereby predicting your profit.

✔️ 12-20% Cash On Cash Return….Done!

✔️ ROI’s of 20-80%….Done!

✔️ Own the underlying asset….Done!

✔️ You tell us what you want for monthly cash flow and we structure the Slow Flip deal around your needs, Yes you read that right! We plan this upfront in the beginning. Do you know any other investors doing this??? Doubtful!

Fill out the form below and lets put a plan together and we can show you how our way is more profitable with inherently less risk than buying and holding.

Slow Flip Investor Application Form

We present accredited investors with an opportunity to review our "Slow Flip" deal flow that matches their criteria. Access to our opportunities is free for your use, however, you must be a direct, accredited or sophisticated investor. This section is not open to broker dealers/finders/middle-men. All applications are reviewed by hand. If you are interested in investment opportunities with us, please complete and submit the registration form below.
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